“Ambitious pianist Lesley Spencer has made a host of transcendent albums that explore the piano in and out of an orchestral setting, and her latest is a true gem. Collaborating with the Latin Chamber Pop Ensemble and guitarist Fareed Haque, Spencer’s goal was to create fresh classical music for the 21st century and she composed all of this visionary music herself. Using a large orchestra and even a children’s chorus, Spencer produced a beautiful and uplifting album that touches a wide range of emotions. Spencer’s piano playing is solid throughout, and she cites Schoenberg and Stokowski among her influences on pieces like the bold “Battle of Marathon.” There’s also a worldly feel to the record, partly due to the folk-based songs like “Russian Waltz” and the Caribbean-flavored “Calypso.” Elsewhere, Spencer’s wistful piano playing underscores gorgeous compositions such as “If I Could Say It Now” and the ode to 9/11, “Tribute,” infusing the music with heartbreak and pathos. As an independent artist, Spencer has produced a masterpiece worthy of the majors, and many a repeat listen.”



“Simply one of those hidden treasure sets, this is a sure bet for adult tastes, especially since some of the music on here is the theme from a PBS special. With a wealth of jazz and world talent bringing up the rear, Spencer travels into the dangerous realm of contemporary classical music and emerges successful and victorious. Almost the kind of set that doesn’t get produced anymore because the labels think it’s too unwieldy to deal with, this is the result when real pros com to the fore. An adult sure bet.”



“We aired Classical Delight the day it arrived.”


“Good blend of different styles! Everything from classical to jazzy stuff. There is something for everyone on there!”

– Tortuga Books : Tubac, AZ.

“Buyers loved Classical Delight! One of the best CDS that I’ve heard in a long, long time! Excellent!”

– Five Seasons : Ocean Springs, MS.

“Classical Delight will be very successful for us! Playing it in-store!”

– Reader’s Oasis Books : Quartzsite, AZ.

“The performances are excellent!”