is a lovely tool to guide people through calming meditations. As a clinical therapist,
I use meditations as a way to start group therapy sessions and using this CD as a
way to start my groups has been invaluable. Clients report feeling relaxed and calm –
a great way to begin a group session. It’s also helpful for those clients suffering with anxiety disorders. They can use the CD at home to calm themselves and reduce anxiety. I would recommend this CD to everyone.”

President ~ Executive Director, Millennium Counseling Center, Chicago, IL

“I’ve been doing meditation for the past ten years and FINDING JOY IN LIVING is the best visualization guidance that I’ve ever come across. I find the script engaging and easy to follow. The narrator’s voice is soothing and melodic, but strong enough to keep me engaged. I’ve also given out numerous copies of this CD to my colleagues who use them in therapy sessions with their clients, both in group and individual settings, for relaxation and centering.”

–Nadia Greenspan, Outreach Manager at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Chicago, IL

“Listening to creative visualizations from FINDING JOY IN LIVING helps me to de-stress after a long day at school. The narrator’s voice guides you through each stage of the visualizations while the most beautiful piano music is playing in the background. I particularly use the short 6 minute “For Relaxation,” “Creating Hope,” and “Finding Peace” vignettes. The breathing exercises alone create balance and I am able to clear my head, which helps me to better transition from work to home. Before going to sleep, I listen to the “Composite/Long Version.” It helps me to get to a peaceful place before drifting off. The benefits of using these visualizations to meditate are countless, but this CD has the added bonus of spectacular music!”

–Erin Kelly, Principal – Morton Alternative High School, Cicero, IL