“For the past several years I have been playing the guided visualizations from the first CD in the FINDING JOY IN LIVING series at the start of the weekly therapy groups which I run.  FINDING JOY IN LIVING II is a welcome addition to the series and it does not disappoint! My clients love the visualizations and say they help to ground and calm them so they can focus inward and connect with how they truly feel. The blend of beautiful original piano music and the soothing voice guiding them through the visualizations, prepare them well for the experiential therapy group which follows.  I have added the new FINDING JOY IN LIVING II visualizations to both my weekly therapy groups and the intensive 3-day workshops I offer. These new visualizations, along with Volume I, have become an integral part of the experience and, again, my clients love them!”

–Nicole Wahlert, LCPC, CADC, EMDR Therapy Certified.
Senior Counselor at Millennium Counseling Center, Chicago, IL